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Premium Polyurethane Pu Foaming Machine

Our years-old company is specialized in providing sustainable, durable, and effective solutions. Thanks to our team of experienced experts and 30 years of experience, ISC Italy is recognized as the best producer of premium polyurethane foaming machines in Italy.

The great desire to be the first in the market and to be the optimal solution for our customers by simplifying and facilitating life with our products and services is what has led us to work diligently, honesty and simplicity. So today, our work has a reputation throughout the country.

Pu Tailor Made Technologies | ISC Italy

The Combination of Top-Quality Products & Services

The range of our products is wide-ranging, including various machine tools, c-petane, and not only. We also provide many application services and products ranging from mixing heads, furniture, sealing & gasketing services, sandwich panels products, thermal insulation products and installation services, and many more similar combinations.

Above all, our main goal is to meet your specific needs with perfection and utmost care. Do not miss the opportunity to get the best polyurethane foaming machines in Italy.

Why should you choose us?

High quality, compliance with European standards, and the security we offer to our customers through our products and services are what characterize our brand. If you’re interested in learning more about us, what we have to offer, or to make a personalized order, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Our Customer Care department would be more than happy to assess all your concerns and requests and guide you to the perfect solution. Your satisfaction, our top priority!