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The experience gained in more than 30 years, the presence in all the main industrial sectors, the competence acquired, the constant commitment in research, development and testing activities, are the basis on which ISC srl has designed its products portfolio and on which it continuously improves its manufacturing ability. ISC srl offers from standard “general purpose” models up to tailormade and dedicated versions to meet the technical requirements of specific applications, technologies and production processes in terms of type of formulation to be used, requested outputs, chemical processing.

Our models under production are:

  • HPLF (axial piston head for close mould application)
  • HPDF (dual piston head for open mould application)
  • (special head for RRIM application)
  • (axial piston head for spray application)
  • (axial piston head for continuous sandwich panels application)
  • (low pressure series for all application)