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High-Standard Pu Sandwich Panel Lines

ISC Italy specializes in the production of continuous lines that offer ideal solutions for mass production needs including high-standard pu  sandwich panel lines. Using the best technologies and practices based on the most recent research, our engineers have developed special formulas that result in the manufacturing high standard products that offer flexibility and efficiency. The secret of our success is the usage of high-end, premium grade materials. 

Furthermore, we also produce discontinuous lines which are preferable when it comes to small, personalized orders based on customer request specifications, usually for very thick panels and when it is also necessary to include molding frames and camlock fixings in the foams.

Besides, we also offer single package solutions including:

  • book-opening presses
  • single multi-daylight presses
  • multi-daylight presses
  • tilting systems
High-Standard Pu Sandwich Panel Lines | ISC Italy

The Best Pu Sandwich Panel Lines

Our company consists of a team of professionally trained experts who are ready to guide you at every step depending on your specific needs. We take into account every detail before we offer you the service or product you need to solve your problem.

How can we help you?

To learn more about the product lines we offer, including high-standard pu sandwich panel lines, we invite you to contact us in order to make you a good presentation, with details of the materials used for production their qualities and qualities they have.

Do not hesitate to try the best on the market, flexibly, efficiently, and financially affordable. Call now and get quality service on the market!