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The use of PU foam for insulation and his application neither in refrigeration and sandwich panels sector, during last 10-15 years has been transformed with an important evolution. The utilization of conventional blowing agents like R-11 and similar (CFC’s) since the beginning has revealed a lot of complications in the right distribution of earth ozone atmosphere and, the Montreal protocol before and the Kyoto protocol after, have tried to give a strict indication upon the usage of these gases, largely used in PU foam. The solution that fully satisfy the protocols above mentioned and finally the environment, in PU sector, is the choice of the soles blowing agents that guarantee ODP and GWP values equal to zero (0); the HydroCarbons (HC) Pentane and C-Pentane. This family of HydroCarbons (HC) is part of the category of highly flammable liquids and therefore equipments in the industrial processes using those blowing agents, require the application of Atex normative. 

Choosing ISC 

Choosing ISC s.r.l. means choose the ideal partner in every solution having the goal of HydroCarbons (HC) use in industrial technology. In this special field we can offer:

  • Preparation of preliminary Technical Report to present at local authorities for usage of HydroCarbons (HC) for Police Fire Dept, Sanitary Authorities, Ecc.;
  • Classification of the diverse factory Zones at potential danger where the HydroCarbons (HC) are used, and application of Atex normative;
  • Supply of storage and distribution plants of HydroCarbons (HC) blowing agents;
  • Supply of blending equipments for every need of Polyols and HydroCarbons (HC);
  • Supply of brand new foaming machines and relevant ancillaries, specifically designed for HydroCarbons (HC) use according Atex requirements;
  • Revamping of existing machines & plants according Atex standards, suitable to convert them at the usage of HydroCarbons (HC) blowing agents with relatives certification.

The principal sectors

The principal sectors where ISC operates are:

  • pro. S.p.A. – Italy
  • Indesit Company – Italy
  • Pak Elektron Ltd – Pakistan
  • Electrolux – Sweden
  • Almaza – Egypt
  • Goldstar – India


  • Marcegaglia Group – Italy
  • Lattonedil – Italy
  • S.S.C. – U.A.E.
  • Metecno Industrie S.p.A. – Italy
  • Metecno India PVT Ltd – India
  • Tecsedo S.A. – Switzerland