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Best-in-class Polyurethane Mixing Head

ISC Italy is one of the most well-known manufacturers of various products in the pu machinery industry, including polyurethane mixing head. Known for quality, reliability, and flexible services, for many years,  our company has been rated as one of the most successful in both the local and European market.

Our staff from experienced professionals and proven expertise is devoted to excellence to develop innovative techniques for producing first-class products. By studying and conducting continuous research, we use the perfect materials so that the quality of our machines is indisputable. Therefore, we are the first choice for our valued customers!

Best-in-class Polyurethane Mixing Head | ISC Italy

The Qualities of Our Polyurethane Mixing Head

We offer a wide range of customized polyurethane mixing heads machines for various purposes including automotive parts, refrigerated appliances, building & construction, and so on. Our team receives personalized manufacturing requirements and offers client-specific solutions, ideal to meet your most unique needs and challenges.

 For many years now, we have been producing high-pressure mix heads for a wide range of formulations and final applications,  all of them patented and with proven functionality. Among other qualities, our products are light, flexible, and can be easily mounted on manipulators for automatic processing.

Why ISC Italy?

Being a company oriented to meet the needs of our customers, we make the impossible to provide you with ease, reliability, through our customized solutions tailored to your needs. Therefore, we invite you to contact us regarding any requests you may have. Our customer service staff will guide you with pleasure!