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The right choice in pu process!

ISC S.r.l.

Together towards the future

Based at north of Milan, ISC S.r.l. is a dynamic and young company settled by a team of specialized engineers and technical skilled people with more than 30 years experience in the Pu application. The main goal is market research, development and realization of the newest technologies avaible in the world, applied to the final equipment produced with top quality solutions, placing ISC s.r.l. As a primary choice for quality, price and service.
As a recognised Pu machine manufactured, ISC s.r.l stock extensive levels of proven parts both commercial and equipment brand specific.

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Pu machine

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Phone: +39 0316123954
Fax: +39 0317684475
E-mail: info@isc-ital
Address: Via Isonzo 123,
Mariano Comense 22066 (CO)

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